Our recruitment process

How we find your ideal Virtual Assistant

5-Step Process

1- Talent Matching Form

2- Intro Meeting

3- Talent Research

4- Interview with Candidates

5- Onboarding and Performance Follow-Up

1.Talent Matching Form

Complete a quick form that will provide us with the basic information needed to match you with a Virtual Assistant in Mexico. Here you will also be able to book a 15 min intro meeting with our team at no cost.

2.Intro Meeting

Jump on a meeting with our sales team where you can get more info about our solutions. Here, you’ll be able to tell us about your company and its needs as well as clarify any concerns or questions.

3.Talent Research

After having a solid understanding of the tasks you need to delegate and the skills needed to execute them, we will search our talent network for the best possible fits.  We do not charge for this service.

4.Interview with Candidates

We will reach out to you once we have at least two candidates that we believe to be the best matches. After we have personally screened them and confirmed their interest in working with you, we will arrange an interview for you with each of them.

5.Onboarding and performance follow-up

After you have chosen the best fit for your company or project, we will send you the required documentation to formally start working with your new Virtual Assistant from Mexico, including a service agreement and documents needed for compliance purposes.

We will work with you and your VA to implement simple but effective project management tools that help you work autonomously, and follow up constantly to consult on best practices.

For Marketing VAs, we assign a Strategy Manager from our team that will help you and your VA consolidate a marketing strategy and workflows that you and your VA can follow.

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Cut operative costs dramatically and delegate executive tasks to an English-speaking professional in Mexico, right across the border.

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