Graphic Designer
BA in Graphic Design – Universidad del Valle de Mexico
Aug 2008 – Aug 2012

About me

I’ve worked as a graphic design freelancer for quite some time now, it’s what i love doing, once a project is done I like to look at it and come back to it again and again because I’m always proud of what I do. It allows me to do what I love at the same time which is listening to music. I’ve done some amazing work for a numerous list of clients and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. I know I have the potential of doing greater things, it’s just a matter of finding good opportunities such as this one.

English Experience

I went to a bilingual elementary school, 4 hours of spanish classes and 3 hours of english. The classes i had were not just to learn english, i had math, social studies, etc., in english. I wasn’t allowed to speak spanish during those 3 hours. I went to that school for 5 years and the rest of my knowledge came from basically just watching shows, movies, listening to music. I could safely say that around 80 to 90 percent of my day i spend it either listening to stuff in english or speaking it.


Graphic Designer
Sep 2020 – To Date
  • I work for a digital marketing business based in San Luis Rio Colorado. I mostly handle branding work, such as creating logos. I also do flyers, Instragram posts, Instagram filters, among other things. I do this work from home.
Social Media Designer
Feb 2022 – To Date
  • Instagram post creation
  • Instagram stories creation
  • Photo edition
Bilingual Technical Support/Customer Service Agent
Feb 2013 – May 2022
  • I worked at a call center in Mexicali called Telvista. I was a bilingual technical support/customer service agent for AT&T. I used to give technical support over the phone to DSL service customers. At one point I was promoted over to the Customer Advocacy Group where I would work with customers who kept having to call in because their issue was insistent so I would have more of a personal connection with the client as I would be the one calling the customer to check on them instead of them having to call in.


  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Stata
  • Photoshop

Work Samples